Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Latest Obsession.... Lampwork Beads!!!!

I tend to kind of leap off the deep end when getting into something new, and while lampwork beads aren't completely new to me, I have recently become quite fascinated by them. They are amazing, especially that they can be handmade by an average person. I have been buying them on a popular auction based web site lately, and getting pretty good thanks to Bob. He is now regretting showing me how to win a auction so well. I must admit it is a bit addicting. The thrill of the kill! Your heart starts pumping that last two minutes as you get ready to pounce!

I have been creating with my winnings and listing them in my shop. There is quite a range of quality and prices available out there, some overpriced, some under priced. I've made a few things that span the field, from the higher end on down. I have been fortunate so far to not have bought any complete duds. I have a few pieces I wouldn't put in something for my shop, but would use in something for personal use. I'll put up a few pictures here as a sample of what is now available in my shop. Plenty more to come. I have at least a dozen stands of beads I should be getting next week!!!!

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