Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend...

Today I said goodbye to my English Setter, Basil, he was almost 12 and was a sweet kind loving soul. I knew the time would come eventually, but I don't think we are ever really ready or prepared. He was to worst puppy in the world! Stubborn beyond compare, thank goodness he out grew that and became just a kind gentle creature that was pleasant to be around. He was the best dog ever around kids. Even kids who were normally scared of dogs, usually came around with his gentle disposition. He was not the smartest dog you could have ever known, but he made up for that with his tenderness. He put up with all that a toddler could dish out for several years, loved going for walks and car rides. For a dog not know for his intelligence, he would remember years later, that the gas station gave out dog biscuits and get excited when we drove up. The last time I went to a gas station with him in the car the attendant actually went into the store and came back out with a box of dog biscuits after I explained why the dog was so excited in the car!

I guess I will have St. Patricks Day as a reminder of Basil. I can look back and remember him each year when March 17Th rolls around. I will miss him a lot. He was a good boy, as sweet a dog as you could want. I'll miss you old guy!!!

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