Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day!!!

I woke up this morning to snow! It wasn't totally unexpected ,the weather reports said it might snow, but they just usually tease us. I know that in many parts of the world this is a normal winter occurrence. Here, unless you live in the higher elevations, we only get it once or twice a year. Which means everyone freaks out when it snows! Schools shut down, people don't go to work etc. Now for me, since I work for the school district, if there is no school, then I don't have to go to work. I just stay home drink hot cocoa, look at the pretty snow and still get paid for the day. I really like snow days!
Quinn, my golden retriever really likes them as well, but for different reasons. I think he just really likes the snow! Tomorrow morning I think we'll go for a snow walk, since, yes, they have already said the schools will be closed on Monday!!!! yeah for me. According to the weather I may get an extended vacation out of this. It's supposed to stay below freezing and keep snowing for several days.. I better make sure I have enough cocoa.

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