Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day #4

Well, it's snow day #4, and it snowed again today. It's so pretty watching the snow flakes fall. They sort of have their own little ballet going on out there. I have gotten progressively sicker as the week has gone on. I guess it's nice that I haven't had to use up any sick days or put my co-worker through the pain of having a sub fill my place. I've taken Day quill, but it hasn't done a thing for the massive sinus head ace I have going. I think my head my explode at anytime now.

So here I sit trying to post new listings on my shop, not making much progress, as I am here writing a blog entry. I am drinking peppermint tea, made by my sweetheart, out of my favorite Christmas thing. It's a tea cup we found at an antique shop up in Seattle a couple of years ago, while there for our anniversary. I felt it was time to pull him out since not only is it Christmas time, but yesterday was our 19Th anniversary. I've tried to find another cup like it. It took quite a lot of looking just to figure out the pattern name. I have since found a cup or two for sale on ebay. One of these days, we'll get a second cup so we can have tea together. I'm sure Bob doesn't really mind since most American men don't really like drinking from delicate china tea cups.

The snow flakes continue to fall...yeah! Hopefully this will just be a full snow week! As of Friday we start our winter break. It wouldn't break my heart if we didn't go back to work/school until January.

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