Monday, October 26, 2009

New Listings and a Sneak Peek!

I have put a few new listings in my Etsy shop and will continue to put up a few everyday. I still need to take more photos, but as I sit here at the computer and look out the window behind the monitor, it is raining quite steadily. I won't be able to take any more pictures today, but it looks like the rest of the week promises to be sunny and in the 70's. I did get some photos taken a few days ago, but neglected to check the battery on my camera before I started and the darn thing died after a few pieces! At least I got enough good stuff to get me started this week, and give me time to work on some more pictures as the week progresses. I am going to get some new photo editing software as well, but for some reason the disc drive on my brand new computer isn't working! I need to have Bob call the tech service people and see if we can't get that bug worked out. Cant load a new program with out that!

I have two promos to offer as I re-open my Etsy shop. The first one is a progressive discount sale, basically the more you buy the more you save...For purchases of 2-3 items you will receive a 20% discount, 4 or more items and I will give you a 30% discount. The discount will come in the form of a refund to your PayPal account that I will send after the transaction is completed, usually within 24 hours.

The other promo I have to offer is if you sign up for my mailing list here on the right hand side of my blog AND make a purchase, I will include free first class shipping on your order! This is in addition to any sale discount. By signing up for my mailing list you will be sent a newsletter alerting you of any up coming sales in advance, as well as giving you access to private, mailing list only sales. I will not be sending out a newsletter weekly to clog up your mailbox, or give, sell or otherwise distribute your private information. Just put "Mailing List", in your notes to seller to take advantage of this offer.

Please note that my normal method of shipping is USPS Priority mail and this is the less expensive, slightly slower method. If you still desire Priority mail as your shipping method, I can refund you the difference between the two shipping methods, and still send your package via Priority mail. I will verify that you have signed up for the mailing list prior to giving the discount and then refund the shipping that is automatically charged at check out via PayPal within 24 hours.

I have lots of new things to list and many more things I am working on! I have found an awesome glass studio here in San Antonio and I am signed up to take a number of lampworking classes over the next few months. I have a brand new torch and an oxygen concentrator on the way! I should be back out melting glass and working hard on my bead making skills very shortly. Hopefully I will have something of my own to offer some time after the beginning of the year! Thanks for stopping by! Sign up for my mailing list over on the right side of this page!

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