Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Listings In My Shop!!!!

Well, I finally have made, photographed and listed the first of my cupcake creations in my Etsy Shop. I am very please with how it turned out.
I added another bracelet today and will continue to add pieces throughout the week. I still have more pictures to take, but I am taking a more calm approach to my process these days. I am not trying to take too many pictures at once, which then just overwhelms me in the editing process. That part tends to be a bit tedious as it is, so I think I am doing better taking it in smaller chunks. I am updating my slide show tonight, so some of the items not yet listed will be on there. If you see something there that is not listed and you are interested, just leave me a message here or contact me through my Etsy shop

I bought a set of beads from a seller on Etsy and I just love them! I knew when I bought them, they were for me, and when they arrived, I was certain that the only place they were going was around my wrist! I made the cutest bracelet out of them! I can duplicate this design if anyone is interested. I just need a little extra time since these are special order beads. As long as the artist still has them available I'd be happy to make this for someone else, but this one is MINE!

My head hasn't been too happy this week, so that has slowed down my creative streak a bit. I will try to get back to my beads tomorrow. If not, there are always more pictures to take. The amazing thing about running this business is I really am enjoying it, despite the fact that I spend a ridiculous amount of time doing it. I am getting better at balancing it out with the rest of my life, but it certainly takes effort to figure that part out!

Oh! Wednesday tomorrow, only three days till the weekend!

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