Saturday, April 11, 2009

Freyja... Day Two...

After an event filled first day, Freyja actually went to sleep in her new kennel without much protest. She slept all night until around 5:00am when she woke up and whined. Bob got up and took her out for a potty break. Upon returning her to her kennel, she decided that she was going to let us know she wasn't interested in being in there any longer. This was expressed in some world class howling, barking and whining, which after 10 minutes Bob decided that they would just get up. All of this excitement had Quinn a wee bit wound up, so I let him get on the bed with me thinking he would just settle down and go to sleep with me... wrong! I kicked him off, only to have him nudge me every 20 minutes or so for most of the rest of the morning!!! Needless to say, I didn't get what you would call quality sleep in the morning.

We decided to give Freyja her first bath and wash off the kennel smell that came with her. It actually wasn't bad at all, but I thought she could us just a little freshening up. She on the other hand didn't think it was such a great idea!

She spent most of the time trying desperately to get out of the sink. The more shampoo I got on her the more slippery she got. She was one squirmy little bugger!

I have to say I think she was the most resistant to a bath of any puppy we've ever had. I don't give my dogs baths very often, but they do happen every now and then.

Once we were all clean it was time to dry off and have a good reassuring little snuggle. she has a very dense coat, but dried off pretty quickly. She now smells as sweet as can be and is oh so soft!

With all the stress of having a bath, she was one tired pup, so she curled up in between Emily's feet and went to sleep! It was just too cute!

Since Emily had to get up and do other things... chores... Freyja relocated to another warm place and continued her nap. I believe right now she is assisting Bob and Emily with Easter egg coloring in the kitchen. I don't do the coloring part, I buy the eggs and coloring kits, I cook the eggs. Then I make yummy deviled eggs out of them on Easter and take them over to my in-laws and pig out on them. I eat them only once a year and I make the most of it.

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