Saturday, February 7, 2009

Naked Toes

It's a beautiful sunny day, it even feels warm if you stand in the sun, despite just being just 50 some degrees. It has me thinking about getting a spa pedicure. Every time I take a shower, I look down at my poor, sad, naked toes. I always take off the last remnants of my final summer pedicure when it looks too trashy for my taste. So I am left with an entire late fall and winter, plus early spring having naked toes. My theory is that it's good to go with no polish on them for two reasons. One, no one but me sees them, since my feet spend all those months locked away in socks and slipper or shoes. Two, I think it's good to give the nails a little time to breath, since having polish on them, while very pretty, isn't exactly natural!

Now honestly, I won't go get a pedicure until there is a pretty good chance that my feet will be visible for more than the time it takes me to shower daily. I am kind of a cold person, temperature wise, so this won't be happening for awhile here. I'm just not someone you'll find wearing flip flops in the winter. So for now I will just dream about my next trip to happy toe land.

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