Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Live in Texas????

That seems to be the question I keep asking myself. I know I am not where I used to be, but I am really not certain where I am now. Yes, I know geographically on a map where I am, but if you've ever moved a considerable distance, I have a feeling you may know what I am talking about. It's pleasant and all. The sun shines almost everyday, it is October and it is still in the upper 70's, if not 80's or 90's on a daily basis. Only once have I walked into my house and it felt warmer inside than it did outside. All of this is fine and dandy, but it doesn't feel like home, not yet anyway. Our house is starting to feel like our own home and not a hotel or someone else's house that we are living in. I don't have to use my GPS to get around on a daily basis, only when I am going somewhere I haven't been before. We really do like it here and everyone is getting settled in nicely. But I do occasionally find myself asking the question "Where am I?".

My daughter who thought the whole world was coming to an end and that no one could possibly under stand what it was like "for her" to have to move, already has plenty of friends, goes on sleepovers, to the movies etc. I have yet to even have coffee with another adult besides my husband. I do very much appreciate him and the fact that we enjoy going and doing things together. We try and get out once a week and explore a different area, try a new restaurant, look for a new international food store etc. However, I have always told him he is every thing, EXCEPT a good girlfriend!

I have most of the boxes out of the house. The garage though remains a wild new frontier still waiting to be conquered. I am trying to use my VERY strong desire to get back on my torch and melt glass as a motivation to get out there and put things in place so I have a spot to work in. I am ultimately going to have a studio in the house, but that requires some modifications, which we won't be able to do until after the beginning of the year. Until then I will be back out in the garage, at least it's the cool part of the year! I'd die if it was summer and I was out there in jeans, close toed shoes, a long sleeve shirt and a leather apron! I even have a brand new torch just sitting here looking at me, all new and shiny.. I have to buy an oxygen concentrator before I can use this thing, so again I have to wait!

I should have my Etsy shop up and running in the next week. I need to take photos and the weather has been less than cooperative the past couple of days. Looks like tomorrow will be a good day, so I will try to get some pictures taken then. If all goes well I may have some new listings up by Monday! Sorry it has taken me so long, but I really needed to take the time to make sure that my family was settled before I started things backup. I didn't give a time frame for when I would re-open my shop because I had no idea how long that would take. It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would, so now I get to work on my life!!!

Sorry I don't have any pictures to make this post more interesting, but if waited to have those it was going to take me days longer to get around to doing this and since it has been months since my last blog post I thought I'd better do something. I have added a mailing list on the right hand side of my blog. I am going to have a special offer for signing up for my mailing list and making a purchase after my shop opens. I will have the details in my Etsy shop and I will also list them here. Thanks for stopping by. I will put up a new post when I have new listings in my shop!

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