Saturday, October 31, 2009

Things I miss!

There are certain things you begin to miss when you move a considerable distance. People of course are one of those things, but with all of the modern technologies available to us, we can talk to, hear from and even see, via video chats, these people dear to us daily if we so desire. It’s the places and such that you can’t really connect with or expect a visit from. So this is my list of things and places I miss….

Currently topping my list is Trader Joes! I live in one of the biggest states in the US and there is not one Trader Joes in the whole stinking state!!! I am thinking about sending them a little letter to let them know that there are people in Texas that would LOVE a Trader Joes, and that they should start by putting one in San Antonio!

Papa Haydn/Jo bar Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini, If they could ship them, I’d be ordering them in gallons!

The Decorette Shop, The best little hole in the wall cake decorating, chocolate selling, sprinkle peddlers ever!

Fred Meyers! Yes, we have Super Target, but it’s just not the same… I miss Fred Meyers! H.E.B is nice, but it’s not Fred Meyers! If you’ve spent most of your life shopping at one, you’ll know what I mean…

Burgerville Chocolate Milkshakes! I will allow that I haven’t lived here long enough to discover if there is anything here comparable, but so far… nope!

My hair stylist Linda Carlson!!! I am in need of a haircut, haven’t had one since we moved. I do have a few gals who have said they have a good one for me to try and they all do look good, so it’s hopeful, but I LOVED Linda! Emily was even trying to figure out how we could get her to move to Texas!

New Seasons Market… They had the best selection of cheese! I could always find something different and yummy! The only natural food store here is Whole Foods and it is quite a ways away. I am sure I will make a trek over there on of these days, but for now….

Artisan bakeries! You can find a Mexican bakery on just about any corner, but I want crusty European style artisan made bread! What you get at Super Target or H.E.B really doesn’t cut it! I want Grand Central bakery or Kens artisan bread!!!

St. Honore Bakery.. A real French croissant, made by a Frenchman! Don’t even get me started on the quiche!

Saint Cupcake… The yummiest indulgence!

Pasta Works! Fresh pasta! The real thing… this isn’t grocery store stuff! Amazing cheese selection and artisan salami!

Papa Haydn! Yes, I know I mentioned them above, but they were always my favorite place to go and eat! Didn’t matter if it was with Bob and or girlfriends’, it was the best place and never got boring. You can’t find a better more decadent dessert in all of Portland!

Kink radio! I have been listening to the same station since I was 18! It defies a single genre, stays current and interesting without ever becoming predictable. I love that the music spans the 40 years that they have been on the air without sounding like an oldies station or a top 40’s station. Thankfully they have a live stream I can listen to on-line (which is what I am doing right now!). I don’t mind the stations here, but have yet to find anything I like besides a couple country stations. They are fine for a while, but run top 40’s so it gets repetitious after awhile.

I am sure if I sat here long enough I could make quite a list, but these are the ones that top my thoughts currently. I am sure that I will find “MY” places here eventually, but for now, I can’t help but think of the things I miss a little. Too bad you can’t bring them with you!

Happy Halloween!

I'll admit that I NEVER thought I would put a costume on one of my animals, but with a good bit of prodding from my teenage daughter we came home from Target with this bargain model! I must say she looks kind of cute and was rather unaffected by having it on! She occasionally shook her head making her hat go off center, but other than that, I think she may have liked playing dress-up! Quinn wore a bandanna, his version of a cowboy outfit! One little kid asked where his hat was, but we explained he didn't want to wear a hat!

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