Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Working Out the Kinks...

After about 17 attempts, I finally figured out how to get links into my new template. It was automatic before, now I have to put them in. Apparently I am a SLOW learner when it comes to this technical computer stuff. I guess the good news is, I'm not likely to forget how to do it now! I am off to list more items in my shop,www.junipergems.etsy.com. The link should work!!!!

A Brand New Look!!!

I bought a book on blogging since I am not a computer genius by trade and I have already made some significant strides just in one evening! I was able to find this cool template in pink, black and white, to which I added just a touch of lime. I rather like it!

I went to my favorite book store in downtown Portland, Powell's books. If you are ever in Portland it's worth a stop, if you read anything! They are an independently owned store that takes up an entire city block and is at least 4 stories high. They sell both new and used books. It's book heaven! I was able to find a book I was looking for there, used, in perfect condition for almost half price, plus on additional book on the same subject.

I have been adding new pieces to my esty shop(www.junipergems.etsy.com) every couple of days. I am trying to find a balance with my time. Time to make, time to photograph, edit, write copy, list, time to grocery shop, do the laundry, pay the bills, go to work, yes, the day job... I can't say I feel terribly successful in any one area daily. I can get a few things done, but never all. Something always suffers. Tonight I "made" dinner with a take and bake pizza, that's it, no salad, nothing! How sad! (Not that the 14 year old complained!)

I did have a lovely outing today with a girlfriend I meet at my favorite french bakery. They make a fantastic quiche, to which I added a chocolate almond croissant and tea. It was quite a nice afternoon.

I just got a couple of new beads sets from www.bastillebleu.etsy.com and they are tres magnifique! Beautiful beads and the packaging was too cute for words! Like a gift to self only better!

I had today off, teacher planning day or something, but tomorrow it's back to the grind! Emily has the day off, so she is coming to work with me. She tries to act like she doesn't want to, but she's not really putting up a fight, so I think she secretly wants to go. I told her all the little kids think the high school kids are super hero's when they come in.

Hope you like my new look

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