Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moving Sale!!!

I am packing up my life and moving from Oregon to Texas. In order to facilitate this massive undertaking, I am trying to lighten my load, so I am putting my Etsy shops entire inventory on sale from now until I pack things up in a couple of weeks. Once I close my shop for the move these great prices will end. I will reopen once I get settled on the other end and prices will go back to their regular price point.

I can't give an exact date as to how long this sale will last, but it will be approx. two to three weeks and then I am packing up what is left and moving it all to Texas! It may be a few weeks once I get there before I reopen my shop. It just all depends on how fast I can get my house put together.

I am currently feeling completely overwhelmed by the whole process and would prefer to just wake up in Texas rather than have to do all the work necessary to prepare for this move and actually get there, but I guess I have to act like an adult and just do it! If you have any questions about items in the shop, please don't hesitate to send me a convo or e-mail.

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