Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rumors’ and Gossip!

We all partake in it at some time or another, even if we don't really intend to. Sometimes it just sort of happens, it's part of the conversation which no one stops. We kind of like the juicy details, the dirt, so to speak, it tends to be interesting to hear. Usually, because while it may contain elements of truth, they are usually taken out of context, blown out of proportion and depending on who's telling the tale, the other side of the story may be left out entirely or made to sound much better than it actually was.

The problem with rumors and gossip is that it is usually about someone, and while that someone may not be you, the someone people are talking about does exist and probably is human, has feelings and their own very real perspective on what really happened. I recently wrote in this blog about leaving my job for reasons that I was not going to mention here. I am still not going to do so. It would only be adding to the rumor mill and why bother with that. I have no intention of trying to defend myself since that would be futile. I think people believe what they want to believe and if they don't know you very well, it would be easy to believe what ever they hear.

Someone I respect recently told me that no coin is so thin that it doesn't have two sides. I agree! While I am not proud of my part in what happened in this situation, I do take full responsibility for my part in it and wouldn't hide behind half truths to make myself appear better. I said some things that were not necessarily appropriate in the work place, but they were in no way unprovoked and were responded to in a likewise manner. I did not start the exchange that lead to these words, nor was I the management person who also behaved likewise, if not worse given the position they hold.

I guess what I am trying to say here is rumors' and gossip are ugly! They do hurt and bother people, especially after a difficult situation, which one doesn't just shake off in a day. At least I don't! I am a person with feelings and emotions, I am sure that the other party involved has them as well, even if I found them hard to see.

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