Friday, February 6, 2009


I just bought a bead set that has to be one of the cutest set of beads I have ever found!

I thought the set was adorable, then I noticed, THE CUPCAKE!!!! That did it for me! I had to buy it! This gal sells beads on Etsy, and usually does sets with lots of cupcakes, but I liked the variety offered here... Plus you get a CUPCAKE!!!! Look for these beads in the future in my Etsy shop They will make such a cute bracelet!

Speaking of cupcakes, if you like the edible variety and are ever in Portland, Oregon, you must visit Saint Cupcake. This place is heavenly! I think they picked the right name! They sell regular size cupcakes, but they also sell what they call dots, little one-two bite cupcakes. This way you can try several different cupcakes in one visit with out appearing to be total pig!
I absolutely love this place. I wanted to take a friend there on Monday, but they are closed on Mondays! What's up with bakeries being closed on Mondays? I think I need to start a "people need pastries on Mondays" petition! We we're going to go to another bakery that same Monday and they were close too! These places need to find Monday bakers! A girl needs her cupcakes!!!!

Valentines Day Sale!!!!

My Etsy Shop is having it's first ever sale! 15% off selected Valentines Day Bracelets! This sale runs through Valentines Day only, and is on items marked with a sale banner listing a sale price. These pieces are primarily from my Parisian Valentine Collection. You can view them on the main page or by clicking on the Parisian Valentine section. As I list new items, these will move further down the main page and will be less visible, so they maybe more easily found by using the sections on the right hand side of the page. I think I will be starting to do some seasonal type sales, especially on pieces that are more themed in that manner. Thanks for stopping by!

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