Friday, February 6, 2009


I just bought a bead set that has to be one of the cutest set of beads I have ever found!

I thought the set was adorable, then I noticed, THE CUPCAKE!!!! That did it for me! I had to buy it! This gal sells beads on Etsy, and usually does sets with lots of cupcakes, but I liked the variety offered here... Plus you get a CUPCAKE!!!! Look for these beads in the future in my Etsy shop They will make such a cute bracelet!

Speaking of cupcakes, if you like the edible variety and are ever in Portland, Oregon, you must visit Saint Cupcake. This place is heavenly! I think they picked the right name! They sell regular size cupcakes, but they also sell what they call dots, little one-two bite cupcakes. This way you can try several different cupcakes in one visit with out appearing to be total pig!
I absolutely love this place. I wanted to take a friend there on Monday, but they are closed on Mondays! What's up with bakeries being closed on Mondays? I think I need to start a "people need pastries on Mondays" petition! We we're going to go to another bakery that same Monday and they were close too! These places need to find Monday bakers! A girl needs her cupcakes!!!!


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