Friday, April 10, 2009

A Little Taste Of Spring...

I finally got outside today to take some photos for my Etsy shop. It was neither sunny nor raining for a short time, so I took advantage of the moment. I'd post some teasers of whats up and coming, but I haven't finished editing them yet.

My photo assistant Quinn, who is always there to help me. (he even re-adjusts things for the pictures some times.) After we got done taking pictures he got a bath!!! This only happens a couple of times a year, but I thought he should look his best with the new puppy coming tomorrow! I used that furminator thing on him first. I can't say that he is terribly fond of it, mostly tolerates the brushing, but it sure does work! The kitty on the other hand loves the furminator! She purrs the entire time you are brushing her with it. I gave her a good brushing, and clipped her claws to make her a little less of a threat to the new puppy. I think she knows that something is up, she's been sniffing around the new kennel we bought and keeping her eye on it. I think she did the math... one more kennel means....

I cleaned the carpets so we have a fresh start at puppy training. I know there will be accidents, but it really needed it, and since Basil had multiple seizures, losing control of his bodily functions as a result, I wanted to give the area a good cleaning so the puppy didn't think that was the indoor potty spot! I am sure I will have pictures and an update sometime this weekend on all the new puppy excitement! I will try and get some new things listed in my Etsy shop this weekend, and yes, the spring clearance sale is still plugging along! I don't think I will be leaving the listings up on sale much longer, I will probably be removing them altogether from my shop in the near future. So, if you were considering one of the clearance items, they won't be available much longer.


hotglassbabe said...

I love seeing all the green grass you have! Im still waiting to see mine, lol. You mentioned clipping Quinn's nails and I wanted to give you a tip.... get the "Pedi Paws" nail Trimmer! Both Ripley and Cooper really love it, in fact Ripley usually falls asleep during his pedicure! No more splintering nails! :)

I cant wait to see your new listings and I will be keeping an eye out on your shop for them. My Easter Sale starts tomorrow.... which remind me.... I hope you all (new puppy included) have a terrific Easter!!
Hugs, Nikki

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