Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something I can Support...

I added the link below because it is a company I have supported for several years now. The owner of this company is an awesome woman who has worked very hard to make an on-line business work in a very competitive market. I have long been inspired by her drive, ethics and overall business savvy. For me, putting up this link isn't about whether or not I sell cosmetics, it's about anyone who takes the time to handcraft items and sell them as their own. It's about protecting being an artisan, no matter what your market may be. For the lampworking world it is a constant struggle to educate consumers about what true artisan made lampwork beads are and how to tell the difference between quality and cheaply made imports. Different items, same struggles!

Even if you aren't interested in reading the entire link I posted, if you wear make-up, I highly recommend Aromaleigh Mineral Make-up! I've been wearing it for years, my 15 year old daughter wears it, as does my mother!


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