Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our New Baby Arrives On Friday!

We have a new baby coming on Friday! She is an 8 week old Australian Shepard puppy. We are very excited to be getting her! Isn't she adorable!
We found a wonderful breeder in central Oregon that is just awesome! They are Tri-Smith Farms in Prineville, Oregon. We feel privileged to be getting one of their beautiful little babies!

As you can see from her pictures she is getting quite plump and fluffy!I love this stage! Bob went to the pet store today and bought her a collar,a tag, a new puppy dish, and his and her toys. Puppy sized and Quinn sized! They have a couple of sets of matching toys in their respective sizes, so we can hopefully cut down on Quinn's toy stealing. I am sure he will still try, but having a few new things of his own will help.

The new puppy will be Bob's dog, Quinn I am sure will be glad of that, as he is very possessive of me, and wouldn't dream of sharing me. I am sure I will have to take stock of my sanity and ask myself why I thought it was a good idea to get a new puppy when the last one is just about to turn three and is finally calming down. We had been planning on getting a puppy when Basil was no longer with us. When I came home from the vets office after saying goodbye to him, I told Bob, I need another puppy. I think Quinn will really benefit from having a playmate. Basil wasn't terribly interested in playing with him,Quinn was just too enthusiastic. A little puppy will surely give him a run for his money!

I will put up another post with pictures once she is here and give an update on how everyone is handling the new addition. I think our cat Daisy is going to be the most effected. She just got the last dog whipped into shape, now she has to start all over again!

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