Friday, April 10, 2009

She's Here!!!! Our New Puppy Update!!!

Bob with his sweet little new baby. She is as cute as can be! What is it about puppies that is so irresistible? She is getting used to her new surroundings and fellow critters. Quinn was,as expected, a little too enthusiastic for her. Daisy our tabby cat came in took one curious look at her and left the room, hasn't been seen since.

After all of her new introductions it was time for a nap, this was just the first of several. It's really hard work being a cute little baby!

Upon waking we set out to explore the great outdoors,aka, our poorly neglected back yard! She had fun frolicking in the grass, but was a bit slow on the part where you use this as an opportunity to go potty. She managed to do that inside three times in the course of a few hours but seemed to get better once we started catching her signals better.

Bob fed her some food in the early evening and I had a hard time getting a picture of her since it was a full on feeding frenzy! She eats like a little piggy!

She loves to play with all the toys Bob bought her. Really likes her little bone and tiny tennis ball. It's so cute to watch her pounce on the ball! After keeping them apart for the first few hours, we put Quinn and Freyja back together and they did much better. She was even trying to play with him a little. He wasn't too sure about it all. He was glad to be in the room with her, but I think uncertain as to what to do with her.

All that excitement wore her out again, and it was time for yet another nap! I'm certain I will have more updates on our puppy adventures in the days and weeks to come!


hotglassbabe said...

Oh my gosh.... she's sooooo cute! It looks like Freyja will be giving you all many years of bliss! Congrats on your new addition to the family!

Hugs, Nikki

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